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Voices from the Other Side - not who but when - EVP/ITC Pt 5

Who are the ghostly voices we record on both audio-only digital recorders and spirit boxes?

The previous article questioned some basic assumptions we tend to make about communications we receive from the Other -- or at least from Some Other -- Side.  

It's now time (we mean that literally) to consider not just who but also when these voices come from.

This is the next topic in a series of articles on Instrumental TransCommunication (ITC) and Electronic Voice Phenomena (EVP) and their role in paranormal investigating. If you missed the first article in the series, click here; the second, click here; the third, click here, and the fourth, click here.

(This article continues to use case studies from our own investigations to illustrate the perplexity of identifying the sources of EVP.)

Einstein has shown pretty conclusively that time is, well, relative, according to his General and Special theories. Space-time is an interlinked dynamic, and well-defined forces can warp not only space but also time.

If non-material entities are not bound by laws governing the physics of our own reality, then why would they be bound to the laws of how we perceive time? When we add in the variable of the paranormal to space-time, the notion of "real time" events becomes problematic.

Our own investigations have uncovered instances of what may well be residual hauntings at a number of locations. In several EVP conversations, we've found ourselves little more than eavesdroppers on scenes or situations that seem to replay past events. Our investigations at the Bross Hotel, the Creede Hotel, Cripple Creek's Hotel St. Nicholas, and the Twin Lakes Inn all include recordings that suggest, in part, residual hauntings that are not a part of current real-time events.

For example, listen to the exchange at the Creed Hotel which we slow down and replay at the end of the following video:

Are we even part of the end of this conversation?

When an EVP (delivered in a woman's voice -- if we trust the gender; see our previous article) announces, "I think I'm gonna shoot you," we doubt the remark is "aimed" at us. It seems more likely a pronouncement of one invisible presence directed toward another. In fact, the conversation has a context that's likely 120 or more years old! (See our Creede Hotel article for possible context.)

Other of our investigations have made us rethink other ways time may not mean the same thing for entities we have interacted with.

If an entity walks in step with us, so  to speak, in the direction we perceive time, we seem to hold real-time conversations. But time doesn't seem to mean the same thing on the Other Side -- if it means anything at all, that is. The most pronounced example we've so far uncovered from our own evidence occurred in post-investigation analysis of a very productive EVP session we conducted at the Hotel St. Nicholas in Cripple Creek, Colo.

That session took place in what was once an operating room when the hotel was a former hospital, and our use of a spirit box in that room included instances of residual haunting remarks by unseen voices talking to other unseen voices -- all relating to surgical procedures -- as well as real-time responses directed at us.

But that same session also included an instance where a voice instructed us to reverse one portion of the recording. Listen to the following, where we play the "reverse" instruction we heard in our own arrow of time, first at the original speed and then slowed down to hear all the allophones clearly. Then we reverse the recording and get what follows:

EVP in reverse to our arrow of time

These are clearly Class A EVP, no mistake as to what we heard. In this instance, one of the entities using the spirit box no longer walks in synch alongside us but instead seems to turn around and walk against our arrow of time, heading in the opposite direction! The voice telling us to "reverse" somehow understands we might not understand and alerts us to listen to that portion against our perceived arrow of time.

And note how we heard the "reverse" instruction more distinctly by slowing down the recording. A common characteristic of EVP is delivery that sounds a little rushed or sped up. We suppose that effect could be a by-product of the rapidly generated allophones of our spirit box and the manipulations by an entity to capture and rearrange these clipped sounds into intelligible words, phrases, and sentences. But it might also signal an attempt to manipulate and produce EVP in a space-time world that has no exact equivalent on that Other Side.

As a result of such recordings, we've altered our interview routine to ask if we're talking to something/someone who is contacting us in what we perceive as "real time," or a sequence in synch with our own arrow of time. In a very recent, new investigation, the response to this query produced an EVP of "Same time," which suggests the respondent recognized the question was relevant.

Our final observation about the dubious relationship of time and EVP: Kenneth Webster's book The Vertical Plane recounts ITC communication using an early computer that only had  32k of memory. Webster, who was a school teacher, and two friends renovated a house in Chester, England, set over an ancient foundation.

They began receiving typed messages on the computer screen and soon discovered they seemed to be communicating with a former resident of the original dwelling. (Recall this was almost a decade before the Internet or anything resembling the World Wide Web). This correspondent, calling himself Tomas Harden, claimed to be from the 16th-Century -- but even more incredibly, he claimed to be writing within his own 1500s time-frame and very much alive. Even more incredibly, Harden said he received a "leems-boyste," a light box or display unit, from someone living in the 2109! You can read a version of the account here if interested.

We're not quite sure to make of this -- except that such transchronological dimensions are also well within Einstein's relativistic description, which describes all space and all time as existing simultaneously in the fabric of space-time. Such musings have become more intriguing in light of 21st-Century physics' open discussions of parallel universes and multi-dimensional realities.

The nature of time and its relevance to both EVP and ITC may be more complicated than we ever imagined.

What made the above aside seem relevant to our own investigations involved peculiar photos we found on our cameras for one investigation we conducted -- photos we didn't take -- and subsequent appearances of other photos involving the same photographic compositions but including messages to us.

We seemed to have gotten the attention of someone, or something, and the subject of our next article, in two weeks.

* * *
We're having as much fun analyzing the results of our investigations over the past year as we did conducting those investigations for our book, WILD WEST GHOSTS.

There are puzzling experiences and encounters aplenty out there, and you just may want to pick up a copy of the book for either armchair musings of your own or else as a guide for some of your own expeditions into the fascinating world of the paranormal.

You can pick up the book as either an e-read or a trade paperback. Visit our Website for the links.

In the meantime, happy hunting!

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