Little Greed Men

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Book One in the Silverville Saga, Little Greed Men (formerly titled The Silverville Swindle)  had a street release in late April, 2013.

What happens when a town's local resident spots a UFO?

Silverville sees nothing but dollar signs.

First an amusement park and museum, then a celestial motif for the whole town. Con artists and embezzlers, tourists and kooks, all get caught up in the frenzy, some hoping to make a quick buck, others seeking a spiritual message from beyond the stars.

Ride along on this irreverent adventure that reveals Colorado mountain culture at its most outrageous, and where just about everybody shares in the madness of money, murder, and mayhem.

The book originally came out in 2006 through Ghost Road Press, who reissued the novel as a commemorative hardback in 2009. In the meantime, the book was chosen as the One Book/One Valley reading selection in 2007, went on to receive a 2008 nomination for the Colorado Blue Spruce Young Adult Fiction Award, and was placed on the Washington, D.C., Center for the Book recommended reading list at the Library of Congress.

 We're very excited that the book has now moved to its new home at Raspberry Creek Books, which  reissued the story as Little Greed Men: Book One of the Silverville Saga in a new (and once again more affordable) trade paperback..

We've also revised this new edition, tightening but not changing the story.

Although it can be read as a standalone -- all the Silverville books can -- we've inserted a few subtle foreshadowing hints for the three books in the series that follow.

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Praise for Little Greed Men

I loved this book. It's trite to say I couldn't put it down, but that's the truth. Even more, I'm looking forward to the next book by the Todds. Great plot development, and they nailed the characters and the setting. It's hard to believe this is a first novel. This is a thoroughly enjoyable and entertaining book filled with humor, intrigue, and likeable, memorable characters. It starts at an attention-snagging pace and grows throughout. A delicious romp through a tight adventure.
 W.C. Jameson, History Channel commentator and author of over sixty books about the West, more recently the novel Beating the Devil and the biography Billy the Kid: Beyond the Grave
Any reader in the West will recognize Silverville with a knowing grin – and often enough, a knowing shudder. The Todds have written a funny book about a townful of people we’d just as soon know from a literary distance but suspect we might live next door to – or maybe even closer…. This book about close encounters of every kind is further evidence that any search for intelligent life in the universe might not stop very long at our planet.
– George Sibley, New York Times best-selling author of Part of a Winter,  Dragons in Paradise and, most recently, the historical nonfiction Water Wranglers
How far will a mountain town go to get more tourists? Clear to Arcturus, maybe, and along the way to the stars, there are con men, scam artists, hustlers, perhaps even a few honest citizens -- a howling funny ride all the way.
– Ed Quillen, syndicated columnist for The Denver Post and former co-publisher of Colorado Central magazine.

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