Wild West Ghosts

Our latest book --
Ghost Hunting in Haunted Hotels

Welcome to our paranormal nonfiction project -- a travelogue on haunted hotels in southwestern Colorado. But unlike other books of this sort, we collected and wrote experiences about not only the history and gathered reports of paranormal activity but also our own site visits and ghost hunts at these locations.

We decided to focus on smaller, out-of-the-way places that travelers might overlook on a typical Colorado vacation, often unassuming and easy to drive by.  But the stories and paranormal experiences inside those locales! Wow.

We drove 3,500 in-state miles (over 5,000 miles for the entire project) in the little ghostmobile we dubbed "Casper."
our ghostmobile "Casper"

And we chose to make our trips during off-season, when innkeepers could accommodate us without a loss of revenue or inconvenience. As a result, we often had the run of a place, turned loose to explore whole floors and reported hotspots, free to work at our own pace in isolation (a sometimes unnerving experience).


Oh yeah -- imprints appearing on beds,  cups flying off tables, pillows off beds, cold spots, invisible footsteps, ghostly touches, flashlights winking on request, voice recordings, interactive conversations through our spirit box, off-the-charts electromagnetic field fluctuations during our interactions, swirling angry orbs and on and on. Who knew Colorado was so haunted?

Did we actually *see* a ghost? Not for the project. But the bug has bitten, and we're not through investigating even though the book is now done, published by Raspberry Creek Books in 2015.

We invite you to follow our blog as we continue our paranormal journey. Read our weekly blog postings, where we recount  highlights of each of our ongoing investigations.

In the meantime, check out our new Facebook page, where we're collecting ghostly stories and experiences for those who use the book. You can "join us" for live tweets during our ghost-hunt investigations by following us on Twitter @writeinthethick. And you can subscribe to our YouTube "Ghost Hunt Findings" channel to see video clips from our investigations.

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