Saturday, November 2, 2013

Breakfast the Pig Sings "Happy Birthday" and MAGICKE OUTHOUSE countdown

THE MAGICKE OUTHOUSE (Silverville Saga, #3) releases in only three weeks!

We're excited to make an appearance at Ellie Garret's blog on her featured Spec Fic Authors spotlight this week during our pre-launch promo. Be sure to check out her interview with us at her blogsite on Wednesday, Nov. 6.

A couple of other novelty promos attached to the launch:

As many of you know already, one new addition to our menagerie of characters is Breakfast the Pig, who has a pivotal role in the climax of the latest book when she sings "Happy Birthday."

We've created bookplates that have impressions of the end of Breakfast's snout, which we'll be giving out at readings. And anyone who buys the book outside of the readings can also request the bookplate, "autographed" by all three of us, and we'd be happy to send it snail-mail.

In anticipation of TMO's release, we've also just uploaded a video to YouTube of Breakfast -- she's a real pig, honest, and the inspiration for the character in the book -- singing "Happy Birthday":

Help us make this clip GO VIRAL by going directly to the site at

And stay tuned for more updates as we approach the release, including other blog tour stops and f2f readings.