Sunday, September 28, 2014

#Ghost #Investigation of Virginia City, MT, Courthouse

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And below is an account of the investigation that launched it all!

Our #ghost #investigation of the Virginia City, MT, courthouse was a great success, plus we managed to visit and investigate several hotspots in this very haunted frontier mining town. Our team included two savvy locals, "Moonbeam Aboc" (not her real name) and Fonda Porterfield. And a shout-out to the Madison County Sheriff's Office, who gave us permission to investigate the courthouse premises.

Here are highlights:
The Courthouse
Built in 1876, site of many hangings on the front steps, disturbed by earthquakes and major fires several times.
Notable events in the investigation:
  • Interviewed several deputies and dispatch staff,  who recounted repeated paranormal activities, including footsteps, clanging and knocking, unexplained disruption of CTV during many of these events -- and turned-over pews (all of them) in courtroom in middle of night minutes after janitor cleaned room.
  • Staked out the old jail, *still* in use as holding cells, and recorded several pics with clear orbs (a first
    three pics of similar orbs
    for us), with Spirit Box confirmations describing our ongoing, on-site activity ("film," "videotape" as well as "floodlights" both when we turned on and turned off such lights, plus repeated references to "fire," burning," "flame").
  • Staked out courtroom, where many reports of apparitions and footsteps on the adjoining empty stairwell (multiple Spirit Box confirmations of the words "stairwell" and "staircase").
  • Baseline EMF readings in 150-200 mG would spike to 2,000 mG (holding cells) and 4,000 mG (courtroom) and then disappear, and tripled readings (200 --> 700 mG) on approaching line on courthouse steps where many hanging executions occurred.
  •  Two interesting EVPs, one a whispered voice that name "Moonbeam's" real name, and another was unintelligible but clearly human voices in the holding cells (still under analysis).
note "ghost ropes"
The Hanging Building
 Site of multiple lynching incident by the notorious Vigilantes of Montana in 1864.

  • Team member "Moombeam" snapped two cellphone pics back to back, first having ghost "ropes" hanging from hanging beam, second taken seconds later revealing no such thing.

morgue niche
 The Wells Fargo Steakhouse
Underneath the current premises was the original city morgue, where deceased individuals were stored in wintertime, pending enough ground thaw to bury. In same basement are reports of the well-known though enigmatic ghost of "Angry Dan."
  • Spirit Box immediately announced "Daniel" as we approached hotspot traditionally associated with "Angry Dan."

 We're still running through video footage of the investigation, but all in all, an interesting on-site experience.

The locals reported to us many paranormal anomalies as well as apparition sightings -- all events that continue to occur into the present throughout this very haunted town.

Watch for our accounts of haunted hotels of Western Colorado for the new book, beginning the second week of October. Updates on Facebook, and you can "join in" during our actual on-site investigations by following us on Twitter @writeinthethick.

On we go!