Tuesday, March 5, 2013

You pick the cover design for Little Greed Men!

Raspberry Creek Books will release Book One of the Silverville Saga next month, in April -- [audible gasp!] -- the long-awaited re-release of the book as an affordable trade paperback, with revisions, a new title, and a new cover design.

But we're now in the process of choosing that new cover, one with attitude, to match the attitude of the new title, Little Greed Men.

Raspberry Creek Books has agreed with us that Silverville fans (and friends) should have a say in this. And the publisher has narrowed our choice of the mock-ups to three candidates, and now we want your input.

You can "vote" by
  • Commenting under this posting (if you don't follow us, it's easy -- just click on the "Follow Us" button in the nav bar on the right, follow the instructions, and then post your comment-vote), or by
  • Visiting our Facebook Page for Write in the Thick of Things, or by
  • Visiting Raspberry Creek Press's blog and Facebook sites. 
  • In fact, vote, and vote often, and on all the sites, to show you care!
Polling closes in seven days, midnight (Mountain Time) on March 11.

Below are the candidates:
  1. "Invasion"
  2. "In your face"
  3. "Out of the woods"


"in your face"

"out of the woods"

(And a hat tip to Kym, who created the cover designs for the publisher!)